9:00 A M to 4:00 PM
Monday – Friday

PO Box 247
415 E. Main Street
Hale, MI 48739
PHONE: (989)728-2811
FAX: (989) 984-6004

From our Office

Our goal is to provide you with easy convenient access to information regarding the process of your local government and usage of its services. Furthermore we are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect. Be sure to check back here often for important information regarding your community.

Subdivision Maps

A10 Acorn Ridge.pdf 352 Kb
A20 AuSable River Forest Larry Gary Donna.pdf 207 Kb
B10 Brinkmans Sub.pdf 323 Kb
B20 Birchland Bluffs Wild Cherry Lane.pdf 748 Kb
B30 Blueberry Hill Chain Lk Dr.pdf 205 Kb
B35 Bass Lk Hghts.pdf 267 Kb
B40 Bob O Link Park M65 Shellenbarger.pdf 176 Kb
B50 Bay Pointe Sub Lenora.pdf 231 Kb
B60 Briar Ridge - Ora Lake Rd..pdf 573 Kb
B70 Blue Water Bluffs - Hillcrest.pdf 480 Kb
C10 Cowens Bass Lake Chippewa.pdf 743 Kb
C20 Clem Co Park.pdf 222 Kb
C30 Chain Lake Health Resort.pdf 2,610 Kb
C40 Clearview Putnam.pdf 169 Kb
D10 Dorceys Knoll M65 Shellenbarger.pdf 175 Kb
D20 Dodges Pineland George St.pdf 149 Kb
D30 Dyers Resort 1.pdf 565 Kb
D40 Dyers Resort NO2.pdf 629 Kb
E10 Estralia Beach Long Lk Rd Lakeside Corner.pdf 179 Kb
E20 60 Evergreen Glades 1 - 5.pdf 3,441 Kb
E70 City Of Hygia.pdf 814 Kb
E80 Ernst Sub Londo Birch.pdf 433 Kb
E90 Evergreen Forest Iargo Rd..pdf 475 Kb
F10 Forest Green Estates 1 Shell Basslk.pdf 172 Kb
F20 Forest Green Estates 2 Morawa.pdf 257 Kb
F30 Flint Police Club 1st Ed..pdf 391 Kb
F40 Flint Police Club 2.pdf 302 Kb
F50 Flint Police Sub Backlots.pdf 300 Kb
G10 Garriets Gateway Allen Rd.pdf 266 Kb
G20 Gohms Sub Minnep..pdf 337 Kb
G30 Green Valley Sub Esmond Channel.pdf 282 Kb
G40 Grandview Med. NSEW Sub.pdf 296 Kb
H10 Hale Acres.pdf 536 Kb
H20 Halls Birch Acres.pdf 492 Kb
H30 Halls Birch Acres No 2.pdf 763 Kb
H40 Hunters Haven Humphrey St..pdf 143 Kb
H50 60 Hazel Park Subs.pdf 1,682 Kb
I10 Iosco Heights Londo Lake.pdf 1,020 Kb
I20 Indian Hd Pt Greenwood Rd..pdf 303 Kb
I30 Luce And McKays Indian Waters.pdf 305 Kb
J10 Joes Acres Webb M65.pdf 194 Kb
J20 Jose Lk Estates Clifton Dr.pdf 479 Kb
J30 Jose Lake Resort.pdf 313 Kb
J40 Jose Lk Resort 1st Add.pdf 237 Kb
J50 Harry Golds Jose Lk Resort 1.pdf 208 Kb
J60 Harry Golds Jose Lk Resort 2.pdf 208 Kb
K10 Kokosing Sub.pdf 1,067 Kb
K20 First Add. To Kko Sub Sagamore.pdf 733 Kb
K30 Kell-mont Maple)Sunset Loon Lk.pdf 150 Kb
K60 Kays Replat Jose Lk Dr..pdf 356 Kb
L10 Londo Crest Woodland.pdf 156 Kb
L20 Lake Haven.pdf 521 Kb
L30 Plat Of Long Lake Robbins) North Shore.pdf 166 Kb
L40 LISAS LAGOON.pdf 372 Kb
L50 Little Long Shores Avalon Paved.pdf 240 Kb
L70 Loius OConnor Sub.pdf 719 Kb
L80 Lees Sub Jose Lk Dr.pdf 742 Kb
L90 Lakeside Heights Complete.pdf 701 Kb
L91 Plat Lksd Hghts Lots 32 39.pdf 218 Kb
L95 1st Add Lksd Hghts Wilso Creek Lksd Blvd.pdf 143 Kb
L96 Lakeview Sub Luella.pdf 231 Kb
L97 Lynch Sub.pdf 142 Kb
L98 Lakeside Hghts Assessor Plat 1 Fairlane Lakeside.pdf 751 Kb
M10 Merchantville Sub Grace)zella.pdf 162 Kb
N10 St Albin Subdivision.pdf 510 Kb
N20 Nunns Plat 1st & 2nd St.pdf 148 Kb
O10 Oconnors Birchwood Park Putnam Rd Loon Lk.pdf 158 Kb
O20 Oak Forest Esmond And Allen.pdf 222 Kb
P10 Pinellas 1.pdf 796 Kb
P10 Pinellas 2.pdf 815 Kb
P20 Paul Bunyans Blueberry Patch.pdf 111 Kb
P25 Pine Plantation Acres Esmond East.pdf 323 Kb
P30 Plat Of Ellake Grace And Long Lake.pdf 129 Kb
P40 Sup Plat Of Plainfield Heights Londo.pdf 225 Kb
P40 Sup Plat Of Plainfield Heights South Londo Woodland.pdf 225 Kb
P50 Pleasure Island.pdf 496 Kb
P60 Poplar Knoll Wickert.pdf 140 Kb
P70 Poplar Knoll 2 Wickert.pdf 203 Kb
P80 Plainfield Ridge Wickert Towerline M65.pdf 162 Kb
P90 Pointe View.pdf 465 Kb
R10 Rye Field Slosser Rd.pdf 135 Kb
R20 Replat Lot5Blk3 Long Lake Village.pdf 178 Kb
R30 Ryans Ridge Chain Lake Rd.pdf 171 Kb
R40 Rogers Sub Long Lake Point.pdf 211 Kb
S10 Stuarts Sub.pdf 553 Kb
S20A Smith Creek Sub.pdf 189 Kb
S30 Sherwood Forest.pdf 884 Kb
S40 Sabins Little Island Lk Sub.pdf 380 Kb
S50 St Marys Oaks Allen Rd..pdf 215 Kb
S60 Shady Oaks Shoreward Trail.pdf 156 Kb
S70 Sylvan Shores.pdf 497 Kb
T10 Twin Lakes - Latham.pdf 537 Kb
T20 The Palisades - Hillsdale.pdf 442 Kb
T30Timbered Shores Nicole.pdf 392 Kb
T40 Timbered Shores 1st Addition.pdf 806 Kb
T50 Timbers Sky Harbor Kokosing North Shore.pdf 181 Kb
V10 Vella Vesta.pdf 655 Kb
W10 Woodland Glen Big Island Lake Gohms Sub.pdf 495 Kb
W20 Woodsite Acres.pdf 416 Kb
W30 Woods Wonderland 1.pdf 247 Kb
W40 Woods Woderland 2 Loon Lk Canal.pdf 322 Kb

Elected Officials

Supervisor –  Fred Lewis
Clerk –  Sue Reilly
Treasurer – Roma J. Bassi
Trustee – Dianne M. Allen
Trustee – Roger Houthoofd