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Our goal is to provide you with easy convenient access to information regarding the process of your local government and usage of its services. Furthermore we are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect. Be sure to check back here often for important information regarding your community.


I have to apologize for not keeping up with my Corner for the last month.  The early summer kind of caught up with me and with the changes going on in the office well enough excuses.  When we last spoke I told of our plan to spray for the gypsy moths.  We did that.  You may have seen the helicopters flying around the end of May.  It did not take long and with two helicopters flying in tandem they covered a lot of area quickly.  The weather cooperated and the coverage was allowed to dry.  As was told when this program was laid out last fall, not everyone would get sprayed this year.  The consultant identified the areas with the highest egg mass concentrations during their fall inspection and drew a map of treatment areas based on this investigation.  This same process will be used over the next two years to continue to battle these insects in an effort to eradicate them from our community.  I cannot guarantee that every property will receive spray.  I can tell you that every property will be reviewed and inspected at some point during the three year program.  They may not meet the level of infestation to be placed on the spray list for that year. Once we see what the fall survey shows we will assess the program for the spring and report back on the proposal.  Keep watching our web site after the first of the year for updates.

As you may be aware, there has been a change in our assessing office.  We have contracted with Berg Assessing and Consulting to perform our assessing services.  They can be contacted by mail at: Assessing Department, PO Box 25, Rogers City, MI 49779, Phone: 989-734-3555, Fax: 989-734-9901 or by email: All forms and applications are available at their website: They will handle all address corrections/changes, splits/combines/lot line adjustments, property transfers, assessed value queries/questions, property record card requests or any property value questions. Contact the Township offices for Zoning related questions such as lot sizes requirements, zoning districts, allowable uses, setbacks and any other land use questions or any questions and we can direct you to the responsible individual.

While we adjust to changing Assessor’s the Treasurer’s office is also making changes.  For the Summer 2021 billing cycle we will not be mailing notices/bills to the homeowner of parcels that are being paid by a mortgage company.  If you find it necessary to have a copy, please send a request by email to  Please include name, address, and parcel number.  Our goal is to respond within 24 hours.  Thank you for your cooperation as this is a considerable savings in postage.

As we enter our busy summer months we see more and more utv’s and golf carts on the roads around our lakes.  Many of our lake roads are narrow and unimproved.  With the summer crowds they tend to get crowded also.  So when we hear or see an emergency vehicle PLEASE DO NOT flock to the scene and congest the area. Give our emergency medical personnel clear access to the area without fear of injuring or hitting a pedestrian or vehicle carrying passengers.  Stay away from the area and let them do their job, it is what you pay them to do, and they are very good at it if you allow them to.

 Lastly I want to remind you to be safe this July 4th.  Make good decisions that end with good memories.  We want your memories with us to be those that last a lifetime and that lifetime to be a long one.  Have a great summer from all of us here at the township.  We thank you for your support and gratitude throughout the year.

As always if you ever have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our community please contact me.  I am in the office Monday – Friday 7:30 – 4:00 at 989-728-2811 or my cell at 989-984-7073 or by email

Fred Lewis – Supervisor  Plainfield Township

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