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September 12, 2020 Special Meeting-Gypsy Moth

Plainfield Township Special Meeting-Gypsy Moth September 12th, 2020 Eagle Pointe Plaza VIA Zoom

Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Lewis at 9:00 am via zoom.
Present:  Allen, Bassi, Houthoofd, Lewis and Reilly                                      14 Guests

Approval of Agenda:  Motion by Roma supported by Allen to approve agenda as presented. Roll call vote:  Ayes:  Allen, Bassi, Houthoofd, Lewis and Reilly.  Nays: none.  Motion carried.

Motion by Lewis supported by Reilly to open Public Hearing at 9:10 am .  All ayes.  Motion carried. 

Public Hearing:

Lewis explained the procedure that will be taken to get the study done for the gypsy moths and how they will be sprayed.  One person asked about the $40/$30/$30 amouts being spread out into three years. Lewis said that was correct.

One person asked what a parcel is considered. Lewis explained a parcel is considered residential property

One person asked if we are coordinating with any other townships.  Lewis said he has talked to other townships and yes they will be coordinating as possible.

One person asked how the spraying will be done.  Lewis said it will be an aerial spraying

Motion by Lewis supported by Houthoofd to close public hearing at 9:20 am.  All Ayes. Motion carried

The second Public Hearing will be Saturday, October 10th at 9:00 am via zoom unless otherwise permitted.

Motion by Allen supported by Bassi to Adopt Resolution for the Gypsy Moth Special Assessment District.  Roll call vote:  Ayes:  Allen, Bassi, Houthoofd, Lewis and Reilly.  Nays: none.  Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn by Roma Bassi.  All Ayes.  Motion carried. 

Sue Reilly, Plainfield Township Clerk

Elected Officials

Supervisor –  Fred Lewis
Clerk –  Sue Reilly
Treasurer – Roma J. Bassi
Trustee – Dianne M. Allen
Trustee – Roger Houthoofd